About Us

ANE3Adams New Edge is owned and operated by Don and Renee Adams.  The Adams owned a dog grooming shop from 1992 till 2007 and showed poodles at dog shows under the registered CKC name (EVO). Initially, they began a mobile sharpening business that serviced most of Vancouver Island grooming shops and Vet clinics. Their technique of honing the scissor’s edge rather than grinding improved the longevity of the scissors by removing much less material than grinding. They’ve attended and participated in scissor sharpening conventions to fine tune their skills and learn new techniques to offer services to a wider range of blades and tools. Modern scissor designs require a much different edge than in the past and Adams New Edge has both the tools and the knowledge to perform the task. Don and Renee Adams are significant supporters of the dog grooming industry bringing innovative products to the industry as well as organizing professional dog grooming shows and events.

If your profession requires an edge, Adams New Edge can make sure your tools stay sharp.  As a professional groomer or hair stylist it pays to have the best tools and to have those tools performing at their best!