Professional Sharpening

We Care
We are a highly experienced scissor and blade sharpening service located on Vancouver Island in Courtenay BC. We sharpen most kinds of blades, knives, and scissors for professional dog groomers, chefs, and hair stylists from all over Western Canada and the USA by mail or courier delivery. We do our best to get your work back in the mail within 24 hours of receiving it, rarely do we have your scissors and blades more than 2 business days.

It  has been said Don Adams is one of the finest sharpeners, only using the finest equipment to care for your fine tools. Adams New Edge have been providing blade and scissor sharpening services since 1999, servicing dog grooming shops, dog show exhibitors, veterinary clinics and hair stylists for all their scissor and clipper sharpening needs. We specialize in hair/fur cutting tools, but we sharpen any make, style and shape of scissors from the tiniest surgical scissor to the longest curved grooming scissor on the market. Any sharpen-able clipper blade is no problem for us while using clipper blade factory sharpening equipment.